Riot Games’ new tactical shooter, Valorant, is finally available for players, but not everyone can get access to the closed beta. For now, the beta is only available as a Twitch drop, which means you can get it by watching streams on Twitch.

To get access to the Valorant closed beta, you’ll need a Riot Games account and a Twitch account. Once you have both, you will need to connect the two accounts on Twitch’s website. Then all you have to do is tune into a Twitch stream.

Only select streamers are eligible to give out drops, which you can find by looking for the tag under the stream that says “Drops Enabled.” All drops are random and watching multiple streams at the same time won’t help your chances of getting access. Once you actually get a drop, it will appear in your Twitch notifications and your account will automatically have access.

For now, Riot is keeping access to Valorant fairly small, but it hasn’t said exactly how many players will get in. Riot has said that it will be inviting more players over the next several days, and if the beta stays open for a while, more players are sure to get a chance to play the game. Right now, some 1.6 million people are watching Twitch streams of Valorant, likely hoping they’ll get in too.



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