• Sony has finally begun revealing details about the PS5 that the average gamer actually cares about.
  • The latest drop is the design for the new system’s controllers, the DualSense.
  • This new controller design is not only sleek and modern-looking, but it hasn’t lost sight of the DualShock’s iconic design.

Official details about the PS5 are starting to come down the line, and not just via boring technical breakdowns by Mark Cerny. Today, seemingly out of nowhere, Sony released the official design for the PS5 controller.

And it looks pretty freaking cool:

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sony ps5 controller design

The new controller design manages to innovate without losing sight of the DualShock legacy. | Source: 


PS5’S DualSense Is A Next-Level Game Controller

The biggest surprise is that Sony is dropping the “DualShock” name for the first time since the PS1 era. Yet the new gamepad, dubbed the DualSense, manages to keep the spirit of the original product line alive, which is a nice touch.

Sony Retained The ‘Share’ Button… Sort Of

Longtime PlayStation fans will be happy to hear that the “Share” button’s functionality will be retained. This useful feature lets you capture and share gameplay footage. The PS5’s new controller will feature something similar, although it does come with a twist.

The new “Create” button will apparently offer the same capabilities as its predecessor, although Sony has yet to reveal actual details. If we’re lucky, it might include a more powerful suite of editing features for gameplay capture.

The DualSense is an exciting development for the PS5. Not only does it have some impressive features, but it looks downright attractive. The design is slick and modern, yet it captures the essence of the previous DualShock series of controllers.

Now we just have to wait and find out if we can get custom controllers made.


Source: https://www.ccn.com/the-ps5-controller-is-here-and-it-looks-freaking-awesome/

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